Kong Asgers Høj

Kong Asgers Høj, Møn, 2008With a life time of over 4000 years, this big mound is not only one of the most beautiful ancient monument in the country but it is also one of the biggest passage graves in Denmark.

Kong Asgers Høj was build in the Late Stone Age (3000 BC - 1500 BC) and has a 10 meters long narrow passage leading into to the grave chamber. The grave chamber is 10 meters long and 2 meters wide and was when in use a common grave. When somebody died the grave was opened, the deceased was buried, and the grave was closed again.

Kong Asgers Høj, Chamber, Møn, 2008Kong Asgers Høj is situated to the Northwest of Sprove on a small hill. The passage grave is open to the public, but it is a good thing to bring some sort of light because the grave chamber is pitch-dark.

To the left you see Tørmuren -"the dry wall" in between the massive stones in the wall.

About 100 meters to the south you will find a beautiful burial mound. Don´t miss if you visit Kong Asgers Høj. Click here to go to the page about Sprove Dysse.