Other Attractions and Activities

Activities to do, flea markets and relaxing afterwards:

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Things To Do:

Sejlkutteren Discovery:
Klintholm Havn - Møns Klint and back. 2 hour trip. Tours every day.
Fishing-trip by boat: Every wedensday from the 1st of May.
Adult: 110 DKr, 3-14 years: 60 DKr, 0-2 years: 0 DKr
Booking/Information: 0045- 2140 4181

Ferry-trip: Bogø - Stubbekøbing, Small Ferry, which has sailed between Bogø and Falster since 1943
Trips everyday during the summer: 16/5-5/9 2003 from 9am to 6:15pm

Fishing: Hunosøen, Møns Klint Put and Take.
Pike and Perch.
Fishing licence can be bought at the spot.

Fishing: Nyborre Fiskesø
Bøgebjergvej 12, Borre Put and Take.
Salmon trout and trout.
Managed by Flemming Kristoffersen, Phone: 0045 5581 0135

Golf: Møn Golfklub/Møn Golf Center, Klintevej 118, Stege
18 holes.
Phone: 0045 5581 3260

Minigolf: Mizz Lizzi Café - Bistro, Ulvshalevej 151, Ulvshale
12 holes. Also Café, Bistro and playground for the children. Close to the campingground and the beach.
Open everyday during the summer

Minigolf: Feriehotel Østersøen, Klintholm Havn

Horseback rides: Møns Islænder Center. Søgården, Moenavej 1, Borre
Booking/Information: 0045- 5581 2810 (morning and evening)
Tour at Møns Klint with guide.

Horseback rides: Elmelundes islænderridning og ponnytrækning. Elmelundevej 15
Phone: 0045 5581 2662

Rent a Horse Guided tours in Klinteskoven.
Phone: 0045 5581 2525

Stenagergård Hestepension, Klintevej 161
Rent a horse or pony.

Do-It-Yourself: Fossil-suitcase, Kridthuset, Skolegade 6, Stege
Make your own small suitcase for your Møn stone and fossil findings.
Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday 10am-3pm, Friday 10am-1pm
Costs: 100 DKr/day

Canoe and Camping trip

5 days and 4 nights with canoe and camping at nature camping sites.
Arranged by Kridthuset, Skolegade 6, Stege, Phone: 0045 5586 1133

Antiques / Flea Markets / Second Hand:

Antikviteter, Steen Jørgensen, Kostervej 75, Koster

Antikviteter, Henrik Seiring, Klintevej 314, Borre

Antikviteter, Klintevej 384, Borre

Bodo Hahn, Hårbøllevej 21, Vollerup

Dansk Røde Kors (Red Cross), Storegade 38, Stege
Second Hand

Drive in Antique, Klintevej 310, Borre

Flor@ntik, Klintevej 386, Borre
Antiques, Flowers and giftshop

Second Hand, Folkekirkens Nødhjælp, Storegade 26, Stege
Second Hand

Laden, Klintevej 400,

Læsehæsten, Møns Antikvariat, Lendemark Hovedgade 7, Lendemark

Relaxation and Well-being:

Møn Økologisk, Eva Bøtker, Fanefjordgade 16, Askeby
Eco-holiday, Bed and breakfast, courses

Dammegaarden, Dammegade 28, Store Damme
Health Spa

Other Attractions, Museums Handicraft, Art, Galleries, Painters
Things to do, Antiques/flea markets, Relaxation Other places to visit, Beyond Møn